That's me
That's me

A little bit about me


I am Ines. I come from Madrid but I've been living in beautiful Amsterdam since 2013. I am interested in new technologies and the ways we interact with them.

Research in Singapore (2018)

In April 2018, I joined the research on speech interaction at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the National University of Singapore. I investigated how users interact with eyes-free word processing.

Master of Science: Information Systems (2017-2018)

In 2017, after 4 years of working in the industry, I went back to school to grow my UX skills. The MSc program covered subjects such as intelligent systems, applied machine learning, interaction design, etc.

Work experience as a UI/UX designer (2013-2017)

I have a background in visual design and experience building user interfaces, which I think makes it easier for me to work with teams of designers, engineers, marketers...

Other work experience

During my school years, I collaborated with the NGO ACNUR in Madrid. I've also worked as a tourist guide guiding groups in Central Europe. My main responsibility was ensuring costumers had the best experience.

Team worker
Team worker and good communicator

I enjoy working with people and learning from others. I am good at communicating my ideas to others and I can handle feedback as well.

Very (very) energetic and proactive

I hate procrastination! I always get my shit done, no matter what. I am dynamic and active --I practice sports 5 times a week (boxing, yoga, fitness, running)

Never giving up

My curiosity and willingness to learn have taken me to try many different things. Of course, we cannot be good at everything. However, I do not easily give up and I always try my best!

Team worker
Something else about me
Diving in Indonesia
Hiking North Vietnam
Trekking the Great Wall
Boxing class in Cambodia
Kuala Lumpur
Angkor Wat
Ski in Germany
Surf in Portugal